Which USB Cable is Best for You?

Let’s be real, there’s an overwhelming amount of options to pick from when you’re trying to pick which USB cable to purchase. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you navigate through this trying time. 


Where to start?


Take inventory and check which device(s) you’re trying to purchase a cable for. Is it an iPhone? Galaxy S20? MacBook? SSD? Whichever one it is, you’re going to want to know what type of USB connector it needs. It could be Lightning or USB Type-C. There’s a variety of connectors and it’s pretty important to purchase the right one.




What exactly are you doing with the cable? Are you just trying to charge your phone really quickly? Or are you trying to transfer your overfilling photo library? Possibly both? There are tons of cables that are capable of delivering 100W of power but might be stuck in the mid-2000s in terms of data transfer speeds. Why not get yourself a cable that can do both? Checkout the ArcWire PB1801 here for a jack of all trades. Make sure you’re aware of your needs, they’re important when it comes to cables too, not just in relationships.


Fulfilling your Needs.

You’ve realized your true needs and know exactly what you want. It’s time to sift through the endless Amazon pages of repeat products, right? Wrong. Unless you enjoy losing precious time! We’ve got you covered, here are some cables that will keep you powered up and transferring data all the way through 2020 (and beyond).