What’s New with the iPad Pro 2020?

So Apple just revealed the new 2020 iPad Pro and the plethora of new features that come with it. If you’re transitioning to the 2020 iPad Pro for work and productivity, here’s everything you need to know about keeping that battery charged and ready.

How Does it Look?


The unveiling of the new premium tablet produced a brand new Liquid Retina Display. With an almost bezel-less display, it also includes a 120 Hz ProMotion refresh rate, higher color accuracy for visual artists, True Tone, and P3 Wide Color Gamut. Apple claims it’s the world’s most advanced mobile display.


iPad Photographers and Videographers Are Happier Than Ever


The iPad Pro 2020 comes with a pair of new cameras to deliver higher performance. A new 10 MP Ultra Wide Camera and a 12 MP Wide Camera. With the speed of the new hardware, you’ll be able to shoot and edit 4K footage all on the same device. In addition to the new rear-facing cameras, there is a new TrueDepth camera that enables Face ID on the new iPad.


Improved Augmented Reality Sensors


Apple added a LiDAR Scanner to the iPad Pro to enhance the possibilities of augmented reality for developers. Be ready to see some incredible apps that take advantage of this new advanced feature.

Taking Advantage of Power Delivery


Just like the last generation, the 2020 iPad Pro supports faster-charging rates and can help keep your device up and running throughout the day. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide you with the wall charger capable of delivering this new charging rate. The new iPad is capable of taking up to 30 W; however, the wall charger is only capable of providing 18 W. That means you’ll want to find a wall charger and a cable to match it that can carry the higher wattage. 

By utilizing a combination of a new wall charger and cable that are Power Delivery ready, you’ll be able to charge your iPad faster than ever before. Additionally, new devices that come with the new standard USB Type-C will most likely be Power Delivery ready so take advantage of this new Apple release to consolidate your cables and chargers.

If you’re looking for a high-quality charging cable, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a compatible cable for your device here.


Picking the Right Charger Combo


Thanks to Apple for allowing third-party brands to produce new MFi accessories or “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”, consumers can acquire reliable charging accessories without worrying about damaging their own devices. There are a variety of brands offering MFi Charging Accessories but the best way to future-proof yourself (regardless of brand) is to become an early adopter. Although the iPad charging rate maxes out at 30 W, there are wall chargers and cables capable of charging at beyond 100 W. That means with each generation of products that come out, you’ll be able to quickly charge any device until they go beyond the 100 W+ thresholds. The push towards making USB Type-C the universal port makes this a cost-effective and useful combo.

Floating Magic Keyboard?


The 2020 iPad Pro will be released with an all-new Magic Keyboard. It attaches to the iPad magnetically, features a full-size keyboard, angle adjustment, USB Type-C port, and even a trackpad. You can purchase an 11-inch and 12-inch version coming in at $299.00 and $349.00 USD. Luckily, if you only want to pick up the Magic Keyboard, it is still compatible with 3rd generation iPad Pros.


Final Thoughts


If you’re looking for the most equipped iPad Pro ever made, look no further. This machine is prepared to be a productivity powerhouse. Apple is offering all the right tools to make this your new work computer. Just remember to take advantage of ALL the features.