Best iPad Pro Accessories in 2021

Apple has announced the latest updates to its premium tablet line at the April 20 Spring Loaded Event. Although the 2020 model was not a huge improvement over the 2018 model, the new iPad Pro 2021 has taken a huge leap forward. And it was enough to excite all the Apple fans who had been waiting for the new release. How different is the NEW iPad Pro 2021 compared to previous models? 

There are some major upgrades and probably the inclusion of the M1 chip is the biggest change that we’ve previously been impressed by Apple’s recent MacBook. Furthermore, its upgraded display with Liquid Retina XDR Screen made the iPad Pro more like a “Pro”. 

Now let’s talk about the best accessories for the new iPad Pro. This iPad Pro 2021 is an unprecedentedly powerful device for sure, but having the right accessories can help you get even more out of it. We’ve rounded up the best accessories for Apple’s newest and the greatest iPad Pro. 


The Best Accessories for the iPad Pro in 2021

Rather than wandering around the cafe to find the power sockets, you can simply plug your device into this power bank and juice it up with full power. It’s not just for iPhone but If you want to charge your iPad Pro, this 15,000mAh PowerBank would be the best choice for you.

This power bank features 3 ports so you can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously with 15,000 mAh. With iPad Pro 11”, it hits 50% in 57 mins which is less than an hour. 

It features Spigen PowerArc’s exclusive charging technology, aka QuantumBoost Technology, which detects the fastest possible charging speed for your device and outputs the maximum wattage. Plus, Spigen PowerArc applied Intelligent Safety Technology to the product. We ensure the safety of the device from overheating, overcharging, overcurrents, overvoltages, and short-circuiting. 

If you care about your NEW iPad Pro’s life expectancy, there’s no reason not to get this with a 60% OFF DEAL   

Power up your devices on the road. Spigen ArcStation car charger is designed for those busy individuals to help them charge their devices on the go. This car charger is compatible with a wide range of devices including the NEW iPad Pro. 

The USB-A and USB-C 30W outputs offer fast charging that goes wherever you go. You can charge up to 2 devices with these dual ports! Charging speed is more than twice as fast as the Apple stock charger. The blue LED indicator lights up when powered for quick viewing on the road. 

Enjoy seamless entertainment with your iPad Pro on the go.

You need the right cable for the best charging. It can handle data transfer up to 480Mbps rate and it can also support up to 100W max speed charging with any power delivery devices including iPad Pro 2021. And the power supply comes with an E-marker chip that intelligently controls the maximum amount of power by automatically identifying your device. 


The triple sleeve design makes for an all-around stronger and easier experience! Also, the connectors have been reinforced with rugged PET Mesh to provide ultimate resistance against tangling and fraying. Spigen ensures its durability with more than 20,000 times of bending test.


Enjoy Super-Speed data transfer and fast charging with the ArcWire™ USB-C to USB-A Cable (2 Pack). With Durabend Technology, we ensure a longer lifespan of the product and ease of mind. The triple sleeve design makes for an all-around stronger and easier experience The user-friendly design is also a competitive advantage. It is delicately designed so that you can effortlessly plug and unplug. Your Quick Charge enabled device supports fast-charging up to 18W and data transfer is possible at 5Gbps Speed. 

If you know how heavy some laptop chargers are, I bet you will fall in love with this super-mini but mighty Arcstation Pro 30W wall charger. It’s smaller and lighter than most 30W chargers in the market. (30% smaller than a stock 30W charger) Because of its compact size, you can easily toss it into your pocket or suitcase or anywhere you need to stay charged. Furthermore, its foldable plug added portability to the charger. 

It supports 30W maximum outputs of ultra-fast charging and it is enough to cover most of your devices’ charging needs: From laptops to phones (including your NEW iPad Pro of course.) It also offers some essential protections from dangers like overheat by reducing heat dissipation and efficiently supplying the maximum power with Power Quality Technology. 

Priced at $22.49, it’s probably the best value-for-money fast charger for the iPad Pro. 

If you are planning to carry around your NEW iPad Pro and other gadgets on the go, opting for a powerful dual-ports charger is the right decision. Spigen Arcstation Pro 40W wall charger features up to 30W output with a single USB-C port loaded and supports up to 40W Max output (20W output for each port) when both USB-C Ports are in use.

This dual-port charger features Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology, allowing the ArcStation to be smaller and more efficient.  Also, it prevents damage to your devices with this GaN Chip embedded and Spigen’s exclusive IntelligentSafety technology.